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Liakka Oy Attorneys-at-Law specialises in family and estate law, litigation and mediation. All cases are addressed by responding to the client’s specific circumstances and wishes.

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Family law

Dissolution of marriage and division of assets

We provide assistance and advice on matters relating to the end of cohabitation, such as divorce, legal separation, division of assets and partitioning. If the parties fail to agree on divorce-related issues, we help resolve the differences cost-effectively with due regard to the client’s interests. All cases are addressed by responding to the client’s specific circumstances and wishes, taking into account the human aspects of the case.

We also serve as court-appointed estate executors.


We assist in all matters relating to children, including child custody, residence, rights of access, maintenance, paternity and enforcement of agreements and decisions. Parents are advised to turn to us if they fail to agree on a settlement that is in the best interests of the child in case of a divorce or a change in circumstances
We are experienced negotiators and serve as legal counsels in court proceedings and mediation. We are able to identify the most effective resolution for our clients, even in the most challenging situations, and seek to ensure lasting and sustainable outcomes. An amicable settlement is often in the best interests of the child.


We offer legal assistance in the guardianship process in respect of wards as well as individuals applying for guardianship. We advise and draft the necessary documents and serve as legal representatives. We also act as court-appointed guardians.

Estate law

Settlement and distribution of deceased’s estates

We accept handle cases involving estate settlements and distribution of inheritance. We assist in estate inventories and advise clients on all issues related to estate administration and the distribution of assets. We also handle cross-border cases involving deceased’s estates and perform investigations. Additionally, we serve as court-appointed estate administrators and executors.

Wills and testaments and legacy planning

We prepare legal documents such as wills and testaments, prenuptial agreements and deeds of gift. We also provide advice on legacy planning and handle cases involving disputes and will contests.

Criminal and civil cases

We handle both criminal cases and civil disputes. Normally, the cases we accept relate to family and estate law. We help find workable solutions to disputes, either through mediation or in court. In criminal cases, we represent both defendants and complainants.


The first consultation is free of charge. At the initial meeting, we determine whether you are entitled to legal protection or public legal aid.
A private individual’s home insurance often includes legal expenses insurance, which can cover the legal costs of a case. Also, you may be entitled to public legal aid. If so, all or part of the legal expenses may be paid out of government funds.
Our fees are based on an hourly rate, which is currently EUR 210–260 per hour plus VAT at 24%. When hire to draw up specific documents, we may be able to offer a fixed price providing that we can estimate the time required to complete the task.