Anne Liakka

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Leena Vesto


I have over 15 years’ experience in handling a wide range of family and estate law cases. I represent clients in the most complex divorce proceedings and cases involving disputes over the distribution of deceased’s estates. I offer estate and asset planning services for private clients and draft family law documents such as wills, lasting powers of attorney and deeds of gift. I also serve as a court-appointed estate administrator and executrix. Additionally, my job description includes duties related to the guardianship of private individuals.

In my career, I have handled numerous family law cases for Finnish family entrepreneurs and other individuals. I have gained my extensive experience in estate and inheritance tax planning not only as a lawyer but also by working in the financial sector in asset
management duties.

I provide my clients with comprehensive advice every step of the way and handle all cases in the strictest confidence with my client’s best interests in mind. I always seek to ensure the best possible amicable outcome for my client. I have a solution and people-oriented approach to my clients and always strive to offer them an overall resolution, for which I have also received a lot of positive feedback.

With my extensive experience and solid professional skills, I am well placed to assist my clients in all aspects of family and succession law as well as disputes, be it legal advice, litigation or mediation.