Anne Liakka

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Anne Liakka


I am a solution-oriented and approachable lawyer with more than a decade of experience in successfully handling family and succession cases. I assist clients in all aspects of family and estate law at the various phases of life.

Over the years, I have handled numerous trials and mediation cases in court. Additionally, I have participated in expert-assisted mediations in custody disputes since the adoption of this system in Finland. Also, I have served as family law consultant for various organisations and unions. After almost a decade of working in a law firm as a family and succession lawyer, I set up a law firm to provide a personal service of the highest standard to my clients.

To work as a lawyer, you need excellent negotiation skills and the ability to focus on the essentials. I handle all my cases with a sense of purpose and close attention to the client. My ambition is to achieve the best possible outcome for the client with a human and
empathetic approach – without forgetting humour. I serve my clients in both Finnish and English.